Adelaide-based biotechnology company, TGR BioSciences, has today announced a license agreement with United States based Life Sciences company, Cell Signaling Technology. It’s the fourth license agreement signed since TGR was granted the first of several US Patents for its innovative CaptSure™ immunoassay technology in late 2015.

The license agreement with Cell Signaling Technology will provide non-exclusive access to TGR’s CaptSure™ technology, as well as proprietary antibody tagging and conjugation knowhow for the development of single-target plate-based immunoassays, such as ELISA assays.

Anne Hinton, CEO of TGR BioSciences, said that the license agreement would bring the two companies closer together and enable further collaboration.

“The association of TGR with Cell Signaling Technology brings together two privately owned and operated companies with complementary expertise,” she said.

“We look forward to expanding our relationship with Cell Signaling Technology further, through the combination of our resources”.

In comparison to conventional assays, which usually involve three separate incubations over several hours or more, CaptSure™ technology only requires a single incubation period and can be performed within an hour, without compromising sensitivity or quality.

The simple and robust format of CaptSure™ greatly reduces the costs of labour in medium and high-throughput screening laboratories and delivers more flexibility for planning of QA/QC operations to the industry. Therefore, CaptSure™ technology is the new gold standard for high-throughput immunoassay technology development around the world.

Cell Signaling Technology’s Chief Scientific Officer, Roberto Polakiewicz, said that CaptSure™ technology will be a welcome addition to their product line, due to its speed and accuracy.

Established in 2001, TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR) is a private company located in Adelaide, Australia. TGR provides innovative solutions for biological research applications, with expertise in cell biology, biochemistry and immunoassay design. TGRs high quality products have been used successfully in drug discovery programs around the world.