Assay Principles

AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra™ assay kits allow the rapid, sensitive and quantitative detection of phosphoproteins from cells. The kits utilize Alpha Beads that are each coated to specifically capture one of the assay antibodies. The Donor Bead is coated with streptavidin to capture the biotinylated antibody while the Acceptor Bead is coated with a proprietary “CaptSure™” antibody that immobilizes the other antibody which is labeled with a CaptSure™ tag.  In the presence of phosphorylated protein, the two antibodies bring the Donor and Acceptor Beads in close proximity, enabling the generation of an Alpha signal upon illumination of Donor beads by an Alpha-enabled plate reader.  The amount of light emission is directly proportional to the quantity of phosphoprotein present in the sample.

AlphaLISA® SureFire® Ultra™ assays utilize bead-based Alpha Technology and requires an Alpha Technology-compatible plate reader, such as PerkinElmer’s EnSight™ and EnSpire® Multimode and EnVision® Multilabel Plate Readers.  Alpha technology eliminates the need for laborious techniques, such as Western blotting or conventional ELISA. It is a homogeneous assay with no washing steps and this attribute combined with the short incubation times and excellent reproducibility (lower CV%) make it highly amenable to robotic automation and the ‘go-to’ platform for pharma/biotech in drug discovery.

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