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CaptSure™ and CaptSure™ Multiplex: The new benchmarks in immunoassay technology – faster, simpler, better

CaptSure™ is TGR’s patented antibody immobilisation sysytem. CaptSure™ replaces other types of binding molecules, such as streptavidin/biotin, and provides greatly improved performance in complex samples, and the potential for multiplexing applications.

CaptSure™ is composed of a CaptSure™ ligand, a proprietary monoclonal antibody that is immobilised on a surface such as a bead or assay plate well, and the CaptSure™ tag, a specific peptide covalently attached to the primary assay antibody to which the CaptSure™ antibody binds. Therefore, there is only one type of surface required for any assay, the CaptSure™ antibody coated surface, and any antibody pair can be used for any sample, with the primary antibody CaptSure™ tagged.

This simplicity of assay setup means faster assays, any well/bead being able to measure any target, and the assays are as, or more, sensitive than standard immunoassays. Further, manufacturing costs are greatly reduced with the CaptSure™ system, as input consumable quantities are much lower and assay development time is significantly shorter.

With the development and launch of CaptSure™ Multiplex, these capabilities and manufacturing benefits now can be applied to multiplexing assay systems, even further magnifying the advantages over conventional assay systems.

Already licensed to two major international life science companies (Abcam and Cell Signaling Technology), and two plant diagnostics companies, TGR is seeking further expressions of interest for collaboration, partnering and licensing of its CaptSure™ technology to immunoassay developers and manufacturers.

TGR can provide assay development expertise and services, including CaptSure™ assay development services to such partners, as well as aspects of product validation, up to full product manufacture.

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Michael Crouch