Partnering opportunities

CaptSure™ is TGR’s patented antibody immobilization system which replaces other types of binding molecules, such as streptavidin/biotin with the added benefit of multiplexing. CaptSure™ technology is composed of the following:

  • a CaptSure™ tag.
  • a proprietary monoclonal CaptSure™ antibody that binds with high affinity and specificity to the CaptSure™ tag.

The CaptSure™ antibody is immobilized to a surface such as a bead or assay plate and the CaptSure™ tag is covalently linked to a primary assay antibody.  this novel approach enables an infinite number of sandwich immunoassays to be built on a generic platform by simply introducing different target specific antibody content.



The CaptSure™ technology was originally licensed by Abcam in 2012 to develop their very successful SimpleStep ELISA assay range (> 1300 assays and growing).  More recently, the CaptSure™ technology has been licensed by Western Australian diagnostics company, Proteomics International for the development and commercialization of their Promarker™ D diagnostic ELISA for diabetic kidney disease.

For further information around partnering, please contact TGR Site Head, Dr Antony Sheehan