Alpha SureFire® Ultra™ Multiplex

In association with Revvity, TGR more recently launched a multiplex range of products called Multiplex SureFire Ultra (MPSU) kits. These MPSU assays allow the rapid, sensitive, and quantitative detection of phosphoproteins from cells, combined with the measurement of the total amount of the same protein in the same well.  This Alpha Multiplex measurement is achieved by the use of two Alpha Acceptor Beads that emit at distinct wavelengths (545nm and 615nm). The two distinct Alpha Acceptor Beads report their binding to a distinct antigen through their association with specific assay antibodies, as indicated below.

The Alpha 615 (Europium) Acceptor bead is conjugated with the CaptSure™ antibody, and the anti-phospho target antibody binding this bead is tagged with the CaptSure™ peptide. The Alpha 545 (Terbium) Acceptor bead is coated with the CaptSure2™ antibody, which binds the CaptSure2 peptide-tagged anti-total target protein antibody. The Alpha Donor bead binds the biotinylated anti-total target protein antibody.

The assay utilizes the bead-based Alpha Technology and requires an Alpha Technology-compatible plate reader capable of reading dual emission wavelengths. Click here for more information about the AlphaPlex technology and download the “AlphaPlex Quick Start Guide” and the “AlphaPlex Assay Development Guide” to find guidance about filters and mirrors selection, instrument protocol and channels crosstalk correction.


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