Australian biotechnology company, TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR), has today announced the issuance of its third US Patent covering extended aspects of TGR’s innovative CaptSure™ immunoassay technology, including the use of non-antibody binding agents.
The issuance of this third US Patent (9,476,874) follows two recent US Patents (9,261,500 in 2016 and 9,086,407 in 2015) granted to TGR BioSciences’ CaptSure™ technology, which provides a new rapid process to develop and manufacture testing systems across a variety of industries, including diagnostics, drug discovery and life science research.
Director of Business Development at TGR, Dr Michael Crouch, said that the possession of three US Patents has broadened the scope of TGR’s protected technology, which will allow the growing biotechnology company to access more markets and provide solutions to further challenges.

“With this US Patent protection our CaptSure™ technology can now reach a larger application base across industries, providing new benefits to a range of companies around the world, including clinical and plant diagnostics providers,” Dr Crouch said.

“These high value applications will not only benefit researchers, manufacturers and industry, they will also contribute to society as a whole, as the technology will provide faster, more accurate and lower cost diagnostic testing.

“CaptSure™ technology is adaptable to a variety of testing formats, including: ELISA, beads and lateral flow, and provides greatly reduced manufacturing costs and rapid product development times – this Patent consolidates TGR’s position as major player in the international biotechnology industry.”

Established in 2001, TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR) is a private company located in Adelaide, Australia. TGR provides innovative solutions for biological research applications, with expertise in cell biology, biochemistry and immunoassay design. TGR’s high quality products have been used successfully in drug discovery programs around the world.