Leading Australian biotechnology company, TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR), has today announced the launch of its new Multiplexing Immunoassay, CaptSure™ Multiplex – broadening the application of its globally recognised patented immunoassay technology, CaptSure™.

The new product, CaptSure™ Multiplex, builds upon TGR’s innovative CaptSure™ system for single protein target analysis, to now test and analyse multiple proteins in a single sample – opening up significant global market opportunities for TGR.

Due to the speed and simplicity of CaptSure™ immunoassay technology for antibody-based assays, CaptSure™ Multiplex assays provide faster assay development times and reduce the cost of manufacturing, allowing TGR and its collaborators to develop rapid assays at a fraction of the cost of conventional immunoassay systems.

Anne Hinton, CEO of TGR, said that the clear benefits afforded by CaptSure™ in the market for single target measurement can now be applied across a breadth of different multiplexing assay systems, including ELISA, bead-based assays, and lateral flow systems.

“CaptSure™ Multiplex really is a game-changer for the protein assay market, which is moving rapidly toward multi-target analysis,” Ms Hinton said. “Our new multiplexing immunoassay will streamline these product developments and greatly reduce the cost of manufacturing.”

As opposed to conventional multiplexing immunoassay systems – where the assay antibodies are often directly coupled to the plate or bead surface – TGR’s CaptSure™ Multiplex technology provides a generic CaptSure™ surface for each assay antibody, allowing it to specifically bind to the substrate.

As a result, CaptSure™ Multiplex eliminates the need to manufacture specific surfaces for each target, making assay development easier and faster.

This is another exciting step for the South Australian based biotech company, which recently announced its fourth international license agreement, and fourth US Patent, for its CaptSure™ immunoassay technology.


Established in 2001, TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR) is a private company located in Adelaide, Australia. TGR provides innovative solutions for biological research applications, with expertise in cell biology, biochemistry and immunoassay design. TGR’s high quality products have been used successfully in drug discovery programs around the world.