ELISA-One™ NF-κB Signaling

ElisaOne NFkB signaling diagramInactive NF-κB is located in the cytosol in a complex with the inhibitory protein I-κBα. A variety of extracellular stress-related signals, including inflammatory cytokines, free radicals, uv irradiation, and bacterial or viral antigens can initiate phosphorylation and activation of I-κB kinase (IKK). Activated IKK phosphorylates IκBα, which subsequently dissociates from NF-κB. Phosphorylated I-κBα is ubiquitated and degraded by the proteosome. phosphorylated NF-κB is translocated into the nucleus where it acts as a transcriptional activator.

The NF-κB pathway plays an important role in regulating immune responses to infection, and deregulation of NF-κB has been linked to several diseases, including cancer, and autoimmune diseases.

ELISAONE™ NF-κB pathway targets

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phospho-NF-κB p65 (S536)
total NF-κB p65
phospho-I-κBα (S32/36)
total I-κBα

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