TGR BioSciences Pty Ltd (TGR) is pleased to announce a license agreement with one of the largest biological resource centers in the world, the Leibniz Institute DSMZ.

With a major focus on plant virus resistance and diagnostics, particularly in an agricultural setting, its license with TGR BioSciences will provide DSMZ with non-exclusive access to TGR’s CaptSure™ technology for use in plant virus immunoassays.

Based in Braunschweig, Germany, DSMZ is not only Europe’s most comprehensive bio-resource center, with a collection of almost 40,000 items from human and animal cell lines to plant cell lines and viruses, it is also a state-of-the-art research institute.

Under the agreement, TGR will also provide antibody conjugation services, allowing DSMZ to access TGR’s proprietary antibody tagging and immobilisation technology.

Anne Hinton, CEO of TGR BioSciences, said that the license agreement shows the breadth of interest in TGR’s CaptSure™ technology, due to its broad application across a number of research fields.

“The use of CaptSure™ technology for virus detection in the agricultural sector provides unequivocal evidence of the broad utility of this immunoassay,” Ms Hinton said. “We are very pleased to be working with DSMZ in this important application.”

In comparison to conventional assays, which usually involve three separate incubations over 4-6 hours, CaptSure™ assays require only a single incubation period and can be performed within an hour, without compromising sensitivity or quality.

CaptSure™ technology also greatly reduces the costs of manufacturing these tests, by simplifying development and the amount of core ingredients required — making it the new gold standard for immunoassay technology development around the world.

Dr Wulf Menzel, Group Leader, Plant Virus Department at DSMZ said that after extensive testing, CaptSure™ technology was by far the most efficient immunoassay for their applications.

“We have extensively tested TGR’s CaptSure™ technology for our application in detecting several plant viruses,” Dr Menzel said.

“It has allowed us to produce assays with significant acceleration in speed, enabling efficient manufacturing for the development of kits for our large client base.

“We look forward to working closely with TGR in the future as we expand our assay base with CaptSure™ technology – we are planning to offer this new technology soon to the plant virus diagnostics sector under the name B-Fast ELISA”.


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