TGR BioSciences is pleased to announce the issuance of its second US Patent in six months, covering key aspects of TGR’s innovative immunoassay technology, including TGR’s CaptSure™ products.

TGR’s technology accelerates and simplifies immunoassay procedures, and is applicable to many areas of biology, including life sciences, clinical diagnostics, and plant disease detection.

The issuance of US Patent (9,261,500) comes just six months after TGR BioSciences’ CaptSure™ technology was granted a US Patent (9,086,407) and covers additional aspects of TGRs CaptSure™ products including its ELISA and bead-based offerings.
The combination of the two Patents gives TGR exclusive rights to licence its technology to researchers and manufacturers around the world.

TGR’s Chief Scientific Officer, Dr. Antony Sheehan, said that TGR’s innovative technology enables not only faster, easier, and more versatile assays, but also significantly reduces manufacturing costs.

“These advantages translate to a very high value technology for TGR and increased benefits for the industry,” Dr Sheehan said.
“In addition to our existing CaptSure™ products this Patent allows us to expand our technology offer to include other assay formats including microfluidics products.

“In each case, the benefits of faster, easier and lower cost assays can be delivered to a variety of market segments, including clinical diagnostics, drug development, and agriculture.”

As opposed to conventional multi-incubation and multi-wash immunoassays, TGR’s CaptSure™ technology format requires only a single incubation and wash step — made possible by incubating the sample with both ‘capture’ and ‘detector’ antibodies at the same time.
“Our CaptSure™ technology has become the ‘gold standard’ immunoassay in partner laboratories and biomedical companies around the world,” Dr Sheehan said.

“The award of this additional patent means we can now broaden our partnerships with other bio-manufacturing companies and laboratories to expand the use of this technology.”