ELISA-One™ WNT Signaling

Wnt proteins are a family of cysteine-rich secreted signalling molecules of between 350 to 400 amino acids long that are important for embryonic development and other critical functions of adult cells, and have also been implicated in numerous human cancers. Wnt proteins bind to the Frizzled and LRP class of cell surface receptors.

In the absence of Frizzled receptor activation by Wnt, GSK3b phosphorylates b-Catenin which in turn marks b-Catenin for poly-ubiquitination and subsequent degradation in the proteosome.

Upon binding of Wnt to its receptor, unphosphorylated b-Catenin is free to translocate to the nucleus and activate Wnt pathway specific gene targets.

ELISAONE™ Wnt signalling pathway targets

phospho-β-Catenin (S45)
total β-Catenin
phospho-GSK3β (S9)
total GSK3β

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