ELISA-One™ TGF-β Signaling

The Smad family of proteins are components of the signaling pathway for the TGF-β receptor superfamily. Activated receptors associate with specific Smads and phosphorylate them at a conserved sequence in the carboxy terminus. The phosphorylated Smad forms a complex with the Smad4, and translocates to the nucleus, to regulate transcriptional responses.

TGR has developed 2 ELISA kits for measurement of Smads. The phospho-Smad 1 (5/8) recognizes Smad 1, and based on sequence similarity, is likely to recognize Smad 5 and Smad 8. TGR has also developed ELISA assay kits for the detection of phospho-Smad 2/3.

ELISAONE™ TGF-beta pathway targets

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phospho-SMAD1 (S463/465)
total SMAD1
phospho-SMAD3 (S423/425)

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