CaptSure™ Multiplex Technology

To translate the benefits of CaptSure™ to detection of multiple analytes in individual samples, TGR has expanded its platform with the development of multiple new CaptSure™ anti-peptide antibodies. Each monoclonal CaptSure™ antibody in the CaptSure™ Multiplex system binds a specific peptide that is covalently attached to the primary assay antibody of choice. This allows differential immuno-capture of selected assay targets, providing multiplexing with generic assay system benefits.

For example, implementation of CaptSure™ Multiplex to a bead-based immunoassay system is accomplished by the use of the same generic CaptSure™-antibody coated beads for multiplexing many targets per sample. Each bead will bind the antibody-target complex specified by the CaptSure™ peptide on the primary antibody for that target. Thus, in side-by-side samples, the same beads can assay different multiplexed analytes, by virtue of the sample being incubated with different peptide-tagged assay antibodies. In so doing, not only can the same beads multiplex, but they can multiplex different targets, if desired, in each of the clients samples.

Peptide-tagged assay antibodies in one system can also be easily ported over to a totally distinct system, eg from beads to plates or fluidics, due to the generic immobilization of each system afforded by their coating with the different CaptSure™ antibodies. This is shown schematically in the diagram below.

This avoids the costly coating of each bead or plate etc. with an assay-specific antibody for each target, and greatly reduces ongoing inventory and QC costs. Similarly the same antibody inventory can be used across platforms, making the CaptSure™ Multiplex system among the most versatile assay technologies available today.