ELISA Technology utilizing CaptSure

TGR’s immunoassay assay technology is driven further by a more efficient approach to antibody delivery. Unlike standard immunoassays, where a primary antibody is immobilised on the assay surface, in the CaptSure™ system, assay antibodies bind to the analyte in solution, and are then immobilised on the surface through the CaptSure™ tag. This translates to a more efficient, faster, and simpler assay protocol than other technologies.

p>In the case of ELISAs, the simple one-step antibody binding, rather than two sequential binding events in standard ELISA assays, converts the ELISA to a simple one-step format, that can also be duoplexed, and potentially multiplexed.

One-wash ELISA Assay format utilizing CaptSure


TGR’s CaptSure™ technology is a quantum advance for ELISA assays. Both assay antibodies are added to analyte at once, and after a single wash step the HRP substrate is added to develop the signal. Assays are therefore simple, one-step procedures, making them much faster and easier to carry out. Importantly, costs of manufacture are greatly reduced, since only a single assay plate is required (coated with CaptSure™ antibody reagent) rather than a different plate for each target, and the system also requires much less assay antibodies.

CaptSure™ ELISA Platform Benefits

For ELISA Manufacturers:

  • Low COGs and efficient QC
  • One ELISA assay plate for all kits: Less manufacture & batch QC
  • Low antibody usage: 100-500 ng/mL (1-5 μg antibody/kit)
  • Simple conjugation protocols: Scalable with minimal handling
  • Long shelf life: Most components +2 years
  • Ready to go: Available to port matched antibody pairs immediately
  • Large install-base of standard plate readers: Allows rapid market uptake
  • Potential for duoplexing: measure 2 targets per well

For the End-User:

  • A simple one-wash ELISA assay
  • Fast results – assay complete in 1 hour
  • Each well of the assay plate can measure a different target
  • Use standard plate readers – no equipment costs