ELISA Duoplex: Introduction Of Multi-Target Immunoassays in a 1-wash ELISA format utilizing CaptSure

TGR’s CaptSure™ technology also affords the detection of 2 different targets in the same ELISA assay. Similar to standard CaptSure™ ELISA assays, CaptSure™ Duoplex ELISA assays take around 1 hour to complete, and share the same benefits of simplicity and ease of use:

  1. Add sample and antibody mix to well (1 hour incubation)
  2. Wash
  3. Add substrate mix and develop (both targets developed simultaneously)

The CaptSure™ technology affords this advance in productivity by allowing the simultaneous formation and immobilisation of 2 independent immunocomplexes during the assay. The two-analyte immunocomplexes are immobilised from solution via the same mechanism – both primary assay antibodies are labelled with the CaptSure™ tag – but the detector antibodies are differentially labelled.

CaptSure™ Duoplex ELISA assays show similar performance to a single-target assay, and are anticipated to be useful for:

  1. measuring post-translational modifications.
  2. measuring relative levels of two analytes – eg ratios of one analyte relative to a second analyte.
  3. ‘Either/or’ detection – either of 2 potential markers are indicative.
  4. Routine applications where productivity can be enhanced by measurement of 2 analytes.

Two general Duoplex configurations are available, as detailed in the examples below:

CaptSure™ Duoplex 3 antibody systems: for detection of post-translational modifications

3 antibody systems for detection of post-translational modifications

4 antibody systems for the detection of 2 independent proteins in each well

4 antibody systems for the detection of 2 independent proteins in each well

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