Alphascreen® SureFire HV

AlphaScreen® SureFire HV™ assays are specifically formulated for applications where volumes compatible with 96-well plates are preferred. AlphaScreen® SureFire HV™ is particularly suited for low-throughput applications, and in situations where there are minimum volume pipetting requirements. Each kit provides 100 assay points based on a 50 μL/well final reaction volume.

AlphaScreen® SureFire HV™ provides all of the benefits of standard AlphaScreen® SureFire®, but in a convenient 96-well assay format. 

AlphaScreen SureFire HV targets

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phospho-ERK 1/2
phospho-AKT 1/2/3
phospho-NF-kB p65
Total ERK 1/2
Total AKT 1/2/3
Total STAT3
Total NF-kB p65
Total p53